Guadalupe County Crime Stoppers
Anonymous, Safe Crime Stopper Tips
For Emergencies or Crimes in Progress, call 9-1-1
24/7 Toll Free Tip Hotline
1-877-403-8477 (TIPS)
  • Always lock your vehicle and close all windows.
  • Keep all valuables and packages out of sight. Leaving valuables in plain view provides a tempting target.
  • The most effective way to prevent becoming a victim of burglary of a motor vehicle is to make sure anything that might tempt a criminal is secured in the trunk.
  • Don’t place your property in the trunk at the time you park and leave the vehicle. Thieves observing this action will enter your car and open the trunk to steal the property.
  • Activate the alarm system.
  • Always park in well-lighted areas and be familiar with your surroundings take the keys. Over 25% of all stolen vehicles had the keys left in the vehicle.
  • Do not exit your vehicle and leave running (review your insurance policy).
  • Don’t hide spare keys in or under the vehicle.
  • Use anti-theft devices. The use of devices such as a steering wheel lock, electronic alarm, an ignition kill-switch, gas cap lock, window VIN etching and a vehicle tracking device all protect your vehicle and deter vehicle theft.
  • Document the serial numbers on all your property and/or etch some type of identifying information on the property to help locate and identify in case of theft.
  • Never leave the registration or insurance cards in the vehicle.Thieves will be able to provide legitimate documents when stopped by the police.
  • Register your vehicle in the State of Texas, Department of Public Safety, H.E.A.T., program, ( The program will help protect your vehicle while you’re asleep between the hours of 1:00 am and 5:00am, which is when most vehicle thefts occur.
  • Report all burglary and theft offenses to law enforcement.

Be especially alert of activity and people in parking areas and report suspicious activity by calling law enforcement or if you want to remain anonymous call Crime Stoppers.